About DrivenDogs Agility and Kate Moureaux
Owner/Founder, Kate Moureaux:

Kate Moureaux has been a nationally known competitor and
trainer since the mid 1990's. She began teaching for Contact
Point Agility Center in 1999; however in 2004 Kate made the
big leap and opened DrivenDogs Agility. Additionally, in 2008
Kate also became certified as a USDAA Judge.

Kate Moureaux is currently located in Moorpark, California. She
began competing in dog agility in 1992, at the age of six years
old. Kate's first agility dog was her grandmother's Springer
Spaniel, "Alex". They competed with both the American Kennel
Club and United States Dog Agility Association until Alex was
eleven years old and had to retire due to old age. Kate
currently has a sixteen year old Shetland Sheepdog, Heisey
(retired), an eleven plus year old Border Collie, Quick, two
eight year old Border Collies, Driven and her brother Jammer,
a four year old  Border Collie, Power, and a one year old
Border Collie, Smart.

Heisey and Kate have blazed the path for many Junior Handler
teams in the agility world. They are the first ever Junior
Handler MACh and MACh2 agility team, placed 5th at the 1999
AKC National Agility Championships, and have qualified and/or
attended the USA/AKC World Team Invitational Selections in
2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. In addition, Heisey and Kate
have competed at the 2002 ESPN Great Outdoor Games and
in 2002 won the ESPN Sporting Dog Challenge.

Quick and Kate have also made a lasting mark on the agility
scene. Quick is a 2004/05/06/07 USDAA 22" Grand Prix of Dog
Agility and Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament Finalist.
Other career highlights include, Quick becoming the
2001/02/06 USDAA World Champion in 22" Team Gamblers
and placing 4th in the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Large
Agility Combined. Quick has also qualified for and attended the
2003 and 2005 USA/AKC World Team Invitational Selections,
as well as placed 2nd in the 2003 USDAA 22" Steeplechase
World Championship Finals. In January 2006, Kate and Quick
won the 2006 AKC 20" National Agility Championships in
Tampa, FL. In May 2006, Kate and Quick were selected as
members of the 2006 IFCS/USDAA United States Dog Agility
World Team, to compete at the World Championships in
Oosterhout, Netherlands. At the World Championships, Kate
and Quick earned 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medals!

Driven (Quick daughter) and Kate have also earned much
national recognition. In July 2005, Driven won the USDAA 22"
NorthWest Regional Grand Prix Finals. Then in November
2005, Driven competed at the 2005 USDAA World
Championships where she became a 22" Grand Prix of Dog
Agility and Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament Finalist (at 2
years, 10 months old). In March 2008, Driven and Kate won
the 2008 AKC 16" National Agility Championships in Tulsa, OK.
This makes Kate the youngest handler in history to win TWO
National Championships with two different dogs! In May 2008,
Kate and Driven were selected as members of the 2008
IFCS/USDAA United States Dog Agility World Team, to compete
in Ingelmunster, Belgium. Kate and Driven went on to earn  a
Silver medal at the 2008 World Agility Championships! Most
recently, Kate and Driven were selected again for the 2010
IFCS/USDAA United States Dog Agility World Team, to compete
in Clevedon, England.

Power (Quick daughter), is an amazing talent in both Agility
and Herding. I
n October 2009, Power completed her ADCh
fter competing for just 15 months, making Power Kate's
fourth ADCh title dog.
At the 2011 USDAA Northwest Regional
Championships, Power, and her teammates, won the DAM
Most recently, Power became a Steeplechase
finalist at the 2011 USDAA National Championships!

Smart (Driven daughter) is the most recent addition to the
DrivenDogs' family. Smarty was born on 12/30/2009
, has
already made a mark becoming a Performance Speed Jumping
finalist at the 2011 USDAA Nationals at only 21 months old!
Smart has some serious star power!

Along with her own dogs, Kate has also shown a number of
dogs for clients. These dogs help to illustrate Kate's ability to
relate with a variety of dog breeds, as a trainer and handler.
Client dog accomplishments include winning the 2010 AKC
Agility Invitational 20" division with Scarlett (Labrador - MACH2
Hirsch's Gone With The Wind CD RN XF; Owned by Elisa &
Robin Hirsch).

Although Kate has owned, trained, and loved Border Collies
for over ten years, in 2009, Kate produced her first Excel
Border Collies litter. For more on Excel Border Collies, please
visit our website:
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Kate and Quick; 2006 AKC Nationals
Kate and Driven at the 2008 IFCS World Agility Championships
Kate and Power
Kate and Heisey
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